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{{Tabel Ogambogstaver}}
[[Billede:Ogam-alfabetet.jpg|300px|left|thumb|Ogam-afabetet består af 25 tegn. Her er 20 tegn fra Ogam-alfabetet vist.]]
'''Ogam''' var et [[alfabet]] som primært blev anvendt til at repræsentere [[Gælisk]]e sprog. Det ser ud til at have haft sin højeste blomstring i [[5. århundrede|5.]]–[[6. århundrede]]. Ogam-inskriptioner på monumenter ([[helleristning]]er) er blevet fundet i [[Irland (ø)|Irland]], [[Skotland]], [[Wales]], [[England]] og [[Isle of Man]], hvor det primært er blevet anvendt som territorielle markeringer.
Ogam-alfabetet består af 25 bogstaver. De første 20 bogstaver (''feda'') anses for at være primære, mens de sidste 5 (''forfeda'') anses for at være supplerende.
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*[ The Ogham Alphabet with variant names of the letters, and names of the associated plants]
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*[ Celtic Ogham] - by Curtis Clark
*[ Cult Archaeology Strikes Again: A Case for Pre-Columbian Irishmen in the Mountain State? By W. Hunter Lesser. West Virginia Archeologist Volume 35, Number 2. 1983 WV Archeology Society] Citat: "...the only accepted case of pre-Columbian European contact in North America is the Norse site of [[L'Anse aux Meadows]] in northern [[Newfoundland]], dated about A.D. [[1000]]. Most significantly, there is not a single case of European artifacts dating from pre-Norse times, despite the tremendous amount of archeological work done on this continent (Goddard and Fitzhugh 1978: 9; Morison 1971)...."
**Kontroversiel (omfattende): [ European bronze age visitors in America]
***[ European bronze age visitors in America Introduction] Citat: "...Nevertheless, there is considerable evidence of a voyage or voyages of a [[Bronzealder|Bronze Age]] [[Skandinavisk|Scandinavian]] king, [[Woden-lithi]], to North America around [[1700 f.Kr.|1700 BC]] from texts found inscribed in the rocks at Peterborough, Ontario, Canada (Figs. 18 & 19 & MAP), and other North American sites...One alphabet, "ogam consaine" was employed by the ancient peoples of Ireland and Scotland (often erroneously referred to as [[Kelter|Celts]]..."
***[ Archeology, Epigraphy, Pre-Columbian Contacts in America]
**Kontroversiel: [ Science Frontiers ONLINE. No. 27: May-Jun 1983: Ogham inscriptions in west virginia?] Citat: "...Based upon the style of the Ogham, these petroglyphs may have been chiseled some time between the early [[6. århundrede|Sixth]] and late [[8. århundrede|Eighth centuries]]. The Ogham writers may have been [[Irsk|Irish]] [[munk|monk]]s who, after the fashion of St. Brendan, sailed west from Europe during this period..."
**[ The mystery stone of Beverly, Kansas] Citat: "....The epigrapher used an Ogham script of hieroglyphics and Iberian-punic characters to interpret the inscription. If he is correct, then the stone dates before the Latin alphabet and Spanish language, over 2000 years ago..."
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