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* [[Colombiansk kaffe]]
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* Annette Hoff, ''Den Danske Kaffehistorie'', Wormianum & Den Gamle By, 2015. ISBN 9788789531489.
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* [ Too Much Coffee] An independent forum for European coffee enthusiasts
* [ 2002-03-08, Sciencedaily: Coffee May Help Prevent Cavities] Citat: "...[[Instant coffee]] had a somewhat higher level of inhibitory activity against S. mutans...“[[Koffein|caffeine]] is not involved in the antiadhesive properties of coffee solutions,”...“Nevertheless,” the researchers conclude, “we can hypothesize that due to both antibacterial and anti-adhesive activity, coffee might reduce S. mutans colonization of [the] [[Tand|tooth]] surface and might be effective in preventing S. mutans-induced tooth decay.”..."
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