A Danish encyclopedia's 15th birthday in 2015 and refugee camps outside DenmarkRediger

Hi Jimbo Wales! Danish-wiki's 15th birthday is on February 1.
Congratulations are also due to Jimbo Wales, for his efforts in paving the way.

Regarding Syria, do you (or anyone) recall any notable visits (by notable people) to refugee camps related to the war in Syria (Krigen i Syria)?
This wikipedia has articles about one refugee camp in each of the following countries:

  • Gaza
  • one in Israel that closed years ago
  • "the jungle" in France
  • a general article about the Palestine camps).

One assumes that work about the subject (https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kategori:Flygtningelejre) is in progress. Sju hav (diskussion) 29. jan 2017, 18:01 (CET)

Simple English Wikipedia: No stub before 7 July 2017 (and sub-stubbed the same day)Rediger

The Simple English Wikipedia stub has been created today. Shall we see how the community deals with it (apart from it having been rebranded as a sub-stub)?

I am willing to let the stub die (rebranded as a sub-stub). Just saying.

Have a nice day. Sju hav (diskussion) 7. jul 2017, 18:13 (CEST)

Now the article has a Danish name - without a reference.
The discussion page has two posts:
  • "Simple-English-Wikipedia is the name of the German article."
  • [reply:] "We are not wikipedia in Norwegian, German, English or Swedish. We are wikipedia in Danish!!!"
In general, in discussions on wikipedia, one should treat others courteously. Sju hav (diskussion) 8. jul 2017, 20:15 (CEST)

Contacted Jimbo Wales. One hour plus, passed. One person involved asks for a block (and also used the word "banned" - twice)Rediger

Hi! Less than 2 hours after I contacted your user talk page, the administrators noticeboard was contacted [1] - to have me blocked.
(The person complaining also used the word "banned" - twice. )
Just letting you know the state of things here. Regards! Sju hav (diskussion) 8. jul 2017, 20:05 (CEST)

The matter seems to have been handled by the admin corps. (I have no complaints.) Regards! Sju hav (diskussion) 9. jul 2017, 20:53 (CEST)

Lapland and ethnic sensitivity (with Finnmark discussions as a backdrop)Rediger

Hi Jimbo Wales,
The process of the merger of two counties in Norway (of around 19), is bringing forward dirty laundry.
The county Finnmark comes from the exonym (now mostly derogatory) for Sami People: "Finn.".
(One small article in Aftenposten (a newspaper), says that the name is equivalent of N_gger County, [2] .
A parallel theme, seems to lie in wikipedia-dansk debating whether Sapmi (or Sameland) should be the name of the Lapland article.
(For your information, it seems like the article about Sami people, was tainted with some racist dirt (for years), until 2018. The good news is
that no one has yet tried to resubmit that stuff.)
The state of things here might include:
Some might be contributing less to N_gger County and Lapland articles, but contribute more to sub-articles (with Sapmi or Sameland in the title), such as Arkæologi i Sameland.
There is a discussion about renaming the Lapland article.
It will be exciting to see if votes will be counted, in the same way as they are, in beauty contests and in rename/category discussions:
Med 9 støtter (8 for flyt og 1 for slet) og 1 imod går et overvældende flertag ind for en ophævelse af ... 7. nov 2017, 19:46."
One might attempt to inform you, if anything good comes out of relevant "beauty contests" or bonafide discussions.
P.S. In wiki-English, German, Swedish, and Norwegian, the name of the article, is not Lapland. Sju hav (diskussion) 18. feb 2018, 12:54 (CET)

After your user page was contacted,
one of the mentioned articles has had its name changed from "... i Sameland", to "... i Lapland".
That case has been passed on to administrators' noticeboard,

"Arkæologi_i_Sameland"-artikel. Sju hav (diskussion) 18. feb 2018, 14:39 (CET)

The link seems only available as,
https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Anmodning_om_administratorassistance/"Arkæologi_i_Sameland"-artikel .
- Sju hav (diskussion) 18. feb 2018, 14:44 (CET)

"Archeology in Sapmi", or something arguably akin to "Archeology in N_gger County"Rediger

What do you think is preferable?

(For your information. The name of the following article has been moved, without consensus in discussion on the relevant user page:
Arkæologi i Sameland. I will try to let you know, if hard-liners or others will propose deletion of the redirect,
Arkæologi i Sameland.

I just got off my 3-month block for "not-quite-sure-whose-toes-I-stepped-upon", and I am not sure which topics were the most likely "flashpoints".) Sju hav (diskussion) 10. jun 2018, 19:06 (CEST)

the potential for wiki-injustice or sneakiness to avoid due process towards 'users-that-do-not-fit-the-mold'Rediger

Hi Jimbo Wales, just got off a six-month ban (for unspecified infraction). Be that as it may, this Wikipedia did have some incidents of
"now this-user-or-that-user's temporary block, has expired. Now,
things on Wikipedia in general, have been 'very quiet', so therefore if Wikipedia permanently bans that person, then things might remain quiet.

Users have been permanently blocked, by that rationale (on this Wikipedia). That is okay, perhaps.

I might be next in line (and that is no big deal, in the bigger picture of the history of man).

I have not followed this Wikipedia, for the last six months;
However, one should be on the lookout, that this Wikipedia (and other Wikpedias) should have enoug checks and balances, in place.

If I see anything alarming, then I expect to inform your user page.
(Of course, if I get blocked or permanently banned,
then that would be an obstacle). Regards! Sju hav (diskussion) 16. jul 2019, 07:56 (CEST)

  1. ^ Philip Lauritzen. "Nordens samer". 27.-28.10.1979. Information