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[[File:Australian Treasury.JPG|thumb|Mange af Canberras indbyggere er ansat i statslige institutioner som Finansministeriet.|alt=]]
I maj 2012 var arbejdsløsheden i Canberra 3,.4%, hvilket var lavere end det nationale gennemsnit på 5,1%.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=1367.0 State and Territory Statistical Indicators – Unemplyment rate: ABS |date=12 June 2012|publisher=[[Australian Bureau of Statistics]]|accessdate=6 July 2012}}</ref> På grund af den lave arbejdsløshed og mange jobs i den offentlige sektor og erhvervslivet har Canberras indbyggere den højeste gennemsnitlige disponible indkomst i nogen af de større australske byer.<ref>{{cite web | publisher=[[Australian Bureau of Statistics]] | url= | title=ACT Stats, 2005 |date=12 September 2005| accessdate=13 May 2010 }}</ref> Den ugentlige bruttoløn i Canberra var 1702 AUD mod det nationale gennemsnit på 1486 AUD (maj 2013).<ref>{{cite web|publisher=[[Australian Bureau of Statistics]] |date=15 August 2013 |url= |title=6302.0 – Average Weekly Earnings, Australia, May 2013 |accessdate=4 November 2013 |deadurl=yes |archiveurl= |archivedate=21 October 2013 |df= }}</ref>
The median house price in Canberra as of September 2009 was $511,820, lower than only Sydney among capital cities of more than 100,000 people, having surpassed Melbourne and Perth since 2005.<ref>{{cite web | url= | title=House prices surge as rate hike looms |publisher=Australian Broadcasting Corporation | accessdate=13 May 2010 | last=Janda |first=Michael | date=29 October 2009 }}</ref><ref>{{cite web
|publisher=Real Estate Institute of Australia |url= |title= It's official: the property market has cooled |date=9 September 2010 |accessdate=7 June 2010| archiveurl =| archivedate = 19 July 2008}}</ref> The median weekly rent paid by Canberra residents is higher than rents in all other states and territories.<ref>{{cite web | publisher=[[Australian Bureau of Statistics]] | year=2004 | title=Census of Population and Housing Australia in Profile A Regional Analysis| url=!OpenDocument | accessdate=13 May 2010 }}</ref> As of January 2014 the median unit rent in Canberra was $410 per week and median housing rent was $460, making the city the third most expensive in the country.<ref>{{cite news |url=|date=16 January 2014 |archivedate=8 March 2014 |archiveurl=|publisher=Fairfax Media |newspaper=The Canberra Times|first=Meredith|last=Clisby | title=ACT still expensive place to live despite fall in rent prices}}</ref> Factors contributing to this higher weekly rental market include; higher average weekly incomes, restricted land supply,<ref>All of the land in the ACT land is held by the government.</ref> and inflationary clauses in the ACT Residential Tenancies Act.<ref>s68 allows for an annual increase linked to a Rental Housing CPI index, which is usually significantly higher than CPI. For 2008 this deems an increase up to 10.12% as not excessive on the face of it.</ref>
The city's main industry is public administration and safety, which accounted for 29.8% of Gross Territory Product in 2011–12 and employed 33.9% of Canberra's workforce.<ref>{{cite web|title=Gross State Product 2011–12|publisher=ACT Government Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate, Economics Branch|date=21 November 2012|url=|archivedate=30 July 2013|archiveurl=|accessdate=17 September 2013}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|title=Industry of employment by place of work |publisher=ACT Government Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate |url= |date=28 June 2013 |accessdate=17 September 2013 |deadurl=yes |archiveurl= |archivedate=17 September 2013 }}</ref> The headquarters of many [[Australian Public Service]] agencies are located in Canberra, and Canberra is also host to several [[Australian Defence Force]] establishments, most notably the Australian Defence Force headquarters and {{HMAS|Harman}}, which is a naval communications centre that is being converted into a tri-service, multi-user depot.<ref>{{cite web| url= | publisher=[[Royal Australian Navy]] | title=HMAS Harman | accessdate=3 April 2013 | year=2008 }}</ref>
The former [[Fairbairn Airbase|RAAF Fairbairn]], adjacent to the [[Canberra Airport]] was sold to the operators of the airport,<ref name=fb>{{cite web|url= |title=Fairbairn: Australian War Memorial |publisher=[[Australian War Memorial]] | year=2010 |accessdate=23 April 2010}}</ref> but the base continues to be used for [[RAAF]] VIP flights.<ref>{{cite web | url= | title= RAAF Museum Fairbairn | publisher=[[RAAF Museum]] | year=2009 | accessdate=13 May 2010 }}</ref><ref>{{cite web | url= | title=No 34 Squadron | publisher=[[RAAF Museum]] | year=2009 | accessdate=13 May 2010 }}</ref> A growing number of software vendors have based themselves in Canberra, to capitalise on the concentration of government customers; these include [[Tower Software]] and [[RuleBurst]].<ref>{{cite web|title=USFTA begins to reap results |date=15 January 2007 |work=[[Australian Financial Review]] |last=Sutherland |first=Tracy |url= |accessdate=17 June 2010 |deadurl=yes |archiveurl= |archivedate=13 October 2009 }}</ref><ref>{{cite web |url= |title=HP bids for Tower Software |last=Sharma|first=Mahesh |work=The Australian |date=2 April 2008 |accessdate=17 June 2010}}</ref> A consortium of private and government investors is making plans for a billion-dollar data hub, with the aim of making Canberra a leading centre of such activity in the Asia-Pacific region.<ref>{{cite web |url=|title=HP bids for Tower Software |last=Colley|first=Andrew|work=The Australian |date=2 October 2007 |accessdate=17 June 2010}}</ref>
==Sustainability and environment==
[[File:Floriade Canberra ACT.JPG|thumb|[[Floriade (Canberra)|Floriade]] is held in [[Commonwealth Park]] every spring. It is the largest flower festival in the Southern Hemisphere, employing and encouraging environmental practises, including the use of [[green energy]].<ref name="floriadeaustralia" />]]