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Hello and sorry for not writing in Danish ;) .... I just discovered that your Wikipedia has got two articles about the same person: Dennis Haueisen; and Denis Haueisen and you don't seem to have a page like de:Wikipedia:Redundanz, so I have to try it here. Unfortunately I am not sure which is the correct spelling for that guy's name (although his own team spells him Dennis). Well, I wish you the best for your project - Greetings from Germany, Danmark er skidegodt :) -- 25. nov 2008, 01:11 (CET) (de:Benutzer:Steffen Löwe Gera)

Thanks for letting us know. I think we will stick to the spelling of his team - I will make the other a redirect. --Arne (Amjaabc) 25. nov 2008, 08:47 (CET)