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Chochem, (yiddish, pronounced: KHOH-chem).

"A chochem, or the female chochema, is a possessor of wisdom, a brilliant person. It's the ultimate tribute to a scholar. But it can also be said of a shrewd man because he's so clever, or inventive. It is said with the highest respect, like “A chochem of the Talmud.” Yet it can be used in a negative way, to make fun of somebody. You'd say, “Noch a chochem”; that is, “Another scholar!” Or “Uch, this is a nuclear scientist! A brain surgeon he'll never be. A genius he's not.” You reverse the meaning so that you call someone a chochem when you don't want to call him a jerk." (se Talking Jewish)

Startede januar 2005. Prøvede i et anfald af perfektionisme og storhedsvanvid på egen hånd at omskrive og fuldstændiggøre artiklen om Blasfemi fra bunden af. Er begyndt at blive bevidst om den vanedannende effekt, wikipedia-kontribuering kan have.