Hi there. I've noticed that this account is marked as a bot on the Danish Wikipedia; however, no bot status has been assigned to the account. Hence, the account has been blocked until the matter is resolved. Please visit this page to request bot status. Kind regards, --Medic (Lindblad) 26. sep 2011, 15:01 (CEST)

Hi, Medic (Lindblad). You note that my bot is blocked, but you blocked IP adress too. How do I request for bot status? Best regards, Vagobot 26. sep 2011, 15:06 (CEST)

Thank you for your speedy reply. I've lifted the block now, so that you may request bot status here. Regards, --Medic (Lindblad) 26. sep 2011, 15:10 (CEST)

ThanksVagobot 26. sep 2011, 15:11 (CEST)
My IP address was blocked, so I can not ask for status. (Din nuværende IP-adresse er, og blokerings-id'et er #24427.) Best regards, Vagobot

I see - and I apologize. The block should now be entirely gone, allowing you to apply. Regards, --Medic (Lindblad) 26. sep 2011, 15:25 (CEST)

No need to apologize, such may happen. Now all ok :) ThanksVagobot 26. sep 2011, 15:26 (CEST)