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Kind regards, --Sorenhk (diskussion // projekter // bidrag) 22. okt 2015, 20:02 (CEST)

José Manuel ImbambaRediger

Hello. I'll take a look at it within the next few days. --Sorenhk (diskussion // projekter // bidrag) 2. sep 2015, 21:11 (CEST)

Done. I'm barely done with school yet, so I think I'll wait with the Italian and Portuguese Wikis. By the way; no problem, any other time you like?

Mario BeccariaRediger

Good evening Rei Momo. It is also quite cold in Denmark. I've looked Mario Beccaria and directed some of the text. If you once have the time then you must really like to take a look past it:Hadsund where introduction could well be expanded slightly. See possibly en:Hadsund. Thanks in advance --Sorenhk (diskussion // projekter // bidrag) 22. okt 2015, 20:08 (CEST)

Thank you :). --Sorenhk (diskussion // projekter // bidrag) 22. okt 2015, 21:04 (CEST)


Many thanks. Write if you need help with new articles on Danish Wikipedia again. --Sorenhk (diskussion // projekter // bidrag) 22. okt 2015, 21:20 (CEST)

Little help on Benedicta BoccoliRediger

FYI Rei, I have rectified your article, and it was pretty errorclean! Sorry for the late answer, but have a nice day. Pyrros (diskussion) 24. okt 2015, 23:58 (CEST)

Nadine SierraRediger

Hi Alex, the edit has been rectified. Best regards, Pyrros (diskussion) 9. apr 2016, 16:02 (CEST)

Benedicta BoccoliRediger

Hi, I just did some translation clean up of the article, but there is one thing that puzzles me:

Hver mandag skriver hun, i samarbejde med Massimiliano Giovanetti, om Il Fatto Quotidiano, Cosa resterà: det er den dagbog af en adolcescente 1980'erne.

The last part has me a tad confused, could you write it out in english, and then I'll fix the sentence in danish? Best regards Vrenak (diskussion) 31. okt 2016, 18:42 (CET)

Gli angeli di BorsellinoRediger

I will look into it :) Pyrros (diskussion) 4. nov 2016, 15:53 (CET)