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 Nulevende person
Dette er en diskussion om (evt. sletning af) en artikel, der omhandler en nulevende person. Derfor indskærpes det overfor deltagere i debatten, at være varsomme med formuleringer og oplysninger, idet disse kan være æreskrænkende, krænke personens privatliv eller på anden vis påføre omtalte person skade. Desuden henledes opmærksomheden på Wikipedias politik for biografier af levende personer og Wikimedia Foundations resolution om biografier af nulevende personer.

Dear all,

We want to raise an issue about the Rigmor Zobel article for your discussion. As some of you may know, Zobel’s legal team has sued the WMF in Denmark for defamation and for hosting information about a past crime that’s too old under Denmark law. While we are willing and able to defend this lawsuit, and we have no reason to believe that the article's content does not comply with local policy, we want to speak with the local community so that we are sure that this isn't a case where the community would agree with Zobel and fix the issues that concern her if they had their attention drawn to the article.

While lawsuit outcomes are never guaranteed until they actually happen, Zobel has suggested that she may accept the article staying on Wikipedia and even keeping content about the criminal case, but only if more information about her recent career and other aspects of her life is added to the article, and she would prefer that the criminal section be less negative (I am guessing that she is most concerned with having the content about her possible relationship with the dealer mentioned in this section removed).

At the moment, it looks like an IP editor, who may be associated with Zobel, tried to add some additional info to the article. Another editor then flagged it as potentially not neutral and took some of the new content out. It is possible that Zobel’s unfamiliarity with Wikipedia and the mistakes she has made working on Wikipedia might mean that even if the article does have some BLP issues, changes she tries to make on her own may not be accepted by the community. I also think it wouldn’t make sense to spend donor funds on a case if the community actually agrees with Zobel’s concerns once more editors review the article.

So, I’d like to raise two questions. If anyone has time, could you take a look at the the Rigmor Zobel article and make sure that it’s in a state that complies with community policies? Can you take a look at some of the changes (for example, these contributions) she’s tried to make and see if you think they’re unreasonable or if you actually think the content is appropriate encyclopedic content.

My hope here is to make sure that if we’re going to court over this, it’s because the article reflects the consensus of the Danish community. -Jrogers (WMF) (diskussion) 18. okt 2016, 04:04 (CEST)

The content of the article has been discussed previously in the community. I have opened for a new round of debate about the issues mentioned above. --Pugilist (diskussion) 18. okt 2016, 10:21 (CEST)