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Kind regards, Knud Winckelmann (diskussion) 18. nov 2015, 09:18 (CET)

Et tipRediger

Hi. Just a tip: In Africa = i Afrika. On Madagascar = På Madagascar. regards Knud Winckelmann (diskussion) 18. nov 2015, 09:18 (CET)

Lidt hjælpRediger

Please look at Fischers turako, how I corrected the artickle: There is no "fuglart" in danish, its "fugleart, and arfther the brackets, there should no komma, but before der. Instead of [[latin]] we use a lang-template like ({{lang-la|Tauraco fischeri}}). It would be really nice if you look into this in comming artickles, but thanks for your initiativ. mvh Per (PerV) (diskussion) 30. dec 2015, 10:19 (CET)

Thank you for corecting the way of writing the artickles, but you use an expression "de dvale" what does that mean? I saw it in Tyndnæbbet skråpe. Maybe you mean "overvintrer" engelsk: overwinters or "trækker til xxx om vinteren" engelsk: migrates to xxx during wintertime? At least "dvale" is not correct, dvale means Hibernation, and no birds hibernates. mvh Per (PerV) (diskussion) 1. jan 2016, 13:31 (CET)
Jeg har rettet "dvale" til "trække" i tyndnæbbet skråpe. Ellers synes jeg, at artiklen ser fin ud.--Weblars (diskussion) 6. jan 2016, 22:00 (CET)
Dear freind, thx for your big job with birds, I obvious didn't get through all the artickles with birds you made. Thx even for correcting the last few birds. I looked at your corrections, they are fine. But please look at Molukkakadu, where I added a few links. Maybe you could include these sources in the comming artickles. mvh Per (PerV) (diskussion) 24. jan 2016, 12:25 (CET)

Binominal authorityRediger

Hi, I also welcome your somewhat systematic improvements of the bird articles. However, one thing puzzles me: Why do you sometimes add parentheses for the binominal authority in the infoboxes, while other places you remove them? It looks like you just do the opposite of what was there already. I would prefer a homogeneous solution, and looking at {{taksoboks}} it seems like we prefer no parentheses. --Arne (Amjaabc) (diskussion) 24. jan 2016, 15:02 (CET)

Hi, it was only according to the naming authority as per: But if the no brackets are preferred at all then that's fine. --Couiros22 (diskussion) 24. jan 2016, 17:07 (CET)

Frankly, I don't care very much, but I wondered about the lack of consequence about adding/removing. And I like consequence:-) --Arne (Amjaabc) (diskussion) 24. jan 2016, 18:52 (CET)

Hi Amjaabc and Couiros22, I can explain the reason for the parentheses. If the first part of the scientific name of an animal has been changed since it was described then it is custom to add parentheses. That is, if the genus has changed. I have added an explanation of the parentheses with an example in the {{taksoboks}} help. Venlig hilsen Weblars (diskussion) 10. feb 2016, 10:43 (CET)

Thanks for your explanation. I just have to be sure: If there has been no changes in the first part, the parentheses should not be there? --Arne (Amjaabc) (diskussion) 10. feb 2016, 11:48 (CET)
Yes, an example without parentheses is stor præstekrave. But it's impossible to know whether the genus has changed, so you have to look it up. I normally look at the English wiki.--Weblars (diskussion) 10. feb 2016, 12:07 (CET)
They sometimes forget to add them on the English wiki - so it's better to check on the Avibase website. --Couiros22 (diskussion) 13. feb 2016, 10:33 (CET)


Hi Couiros22, it's good that you contribute with the articles such as Huletågen and Nøglehultågen, but be careful when you translate the names of the nebulae from another language because the Danish equivalents don't always exist. What I mean is that the words "Huletågen" and "Nøglehultågen" are not used in Danish for these two nebulae, or at least I cannot find any references using Google. Therefore it would be better to call the articles "Sh2-155" and "NGC 1999". Or maybe you have some references of "Huletågen" and "Nøglehultågen"?--Weblars (diskussion) 23. mar 2016, 17:14 (CET)

New categories for animals and birdsRediger

I have noticed, that you have created plenty new categories about animals and birds. In these categories you are using the word "fra", which means from, but can birds be defined as from a continent or a country? From my point of view, the answer is no, birds and animals are in or living in a country or continent, which in Danish is "i". Make sure you fully understand the language, before creating plenty of categories. --Patchfinder (diskussion) 6. jun 2016, 21:19 (CEST)

Have you read my message? Please explain why you name the new categories with "fra". Birds do not care about borders, but they are living in an area or country!!. And also remember to create interwiki links! --Patchfinder (diskussion) 9. jun 2016, 11:50 (CEST)
If 'fra' really is problematic then let's change it, but I chose 'fra' because:
- it gives more the impression that the birds are endemic or strongly connected to that area, unlike 'i' that may include any bird, like vagrants etc.
- 'fra' is closer to 'of' used on the English wiki among others
- fra is also better to describe birds in zoos.

--Couiros22 (diskussion) 9. jun 2016, 12:21 (CEST)

My suggestion is that you take break with the categories until we agree on how to do it. Notice topcategories Kategori:Organismer efter lokalitet and Kategori:Biota. As I see it there are three possible ways to do it:
  • 1. "Organismer i Danmark"
  • 2. "Organismer fra Danmark"
  • 3. "Danmarks organismer"
But we have to agree. --Patchfinder (diskussion) 9. jun 2016, 13:08 (CEST)
After research option 2 is no longer available. Option 1. and 3. are both used in Danish. --Patchfinder (diskussion) 9. jun 2016, 13:34 (CEST)

That is understandable though; when the home country is referred to:
- it is better to use 'i' as there isn't really any sense of provenance
- it is also more relevant to list every bird, even the vigrant ones, that aren't necessarily from Denmark
So therefore I think "fugle i Danmark" is a lone exception. --Couiros22 (diskussion) 9. jun 2016, 13:52 (CEST)

I disagree and therefore I will start a discussion at Wikipedia:Landsbybrønden about how in general to name categories for animals and organisms. --Patchfinder (diskussion) 12. jun 2016, 15:25 (CEST)
I have now done research about how these new categories should be named and the usual way to do it is to use the the terms fauna and flora. Fauna = animals and flora = plants. The English word "of" can be translated to either "af", "i" or "for", so therefore it vil not be "fra". Never mind these words are not relevant here because the correct Danish translation of "Birds of Europe" and so on is "Europas fugle", "Europas fauna". The similar translation is also used in Swedish and Norwegian, which Danish quite often should be compared with, because these languages are related. Therefore I have moved some categories and created some of the missing inter-wiki links. --Patchfinder (diskussion) 30. jun 2016, 16:07 (CEST)

Bird articlesRediger

A high number of articles is easy to create, but high quality articles is difficult to create. Please as a absolute minimum make sure that you add interwiki links and the right categories, when you create articles. See article Weka, as the latest. --Patchfinder (diskussion) 9. jun 2016, 19:23 (CEST)

What's the Danish word for "hairsplitting"? --Couiros22 (diskussion) 10. jun 2016, 08:04 (CEST)

Et bud er "hårkløveri" (hår~hair og kløveri~splitting)
"Haarkløveri" hos
"hårkløveri" hos
-- Mvh PHansen (diskussion) 10. jun 2016, 09:17 (CEST)

The work still has to be done! --Patchfinder (diskussion) 12. jun 2016, 15:13 (CEST)

Negative pregnant --Couiros22 (diskussion) 12. jun 2016, 16:09 (CEST)

You are acting quite rude. I am asking you to improve your work with af minimum of effort, because a lot of people spent a lot time correcting your articles. The people, which correct your work, sometimes dislike it, because you seem careless to some of the mistakes you make. --Patchfinder (diskussion) 12. jun 2016, 21:55 (CEST)

Where am I being rude? Tell me. You are exaggerating given I don't make that many mistakes (which I correct as soon as I receive helpful advice from other users)... among my vast contributions, which you seem to willingly ignore. --Couiros22 (diskussion) 13. jun 2016, 09:46 (CEST)
I think in general, that you, Bruger:Couiros22, make useful contributions, given that you are not native Danish-speaking. And I do not mind short articles about birds. I agree that Danish Wikipedia is better with those small articles than without them. But it would be a simple improvement to remember to link them to other languages immediately.
Let's not waste any more energy on this silly controversy but continue everybody's work. And always remember to assume good faith! Best regards Arne (Amjaabc) (diskussion) 13. jun 2016, 12:46 (CEST)

I agree with Amjaabc. --Patchfinder (diskussion) 13. jun 2016, 13:51 (CEST)

Mellemasien -> CentralasienRediger

I have renamed your category, there is no such thing as "Mellemasien" it is called "Centralasien". Best regards Vrenak (diskussion) 16. jun 2016, 19:38 (CEST)

Sydhavet -> Sydlige IshavRediger

I also renamed this one, "Sydhavet is an old term that refers to the pacific ocean, I recategorised the birds in the category. Best regards Vrenak (diskussion) 18. jun 2016, 14:39 (CEST)

Category namesRediger

As part of a small project of making category names more uniform, it would be helpful if you in the future make new categories about animals name them "Dyr fra xxxxxxx", "Fugle fra xxxxxx" etc.. Thank you. Best regards Vrenak (diskussion) 18. jun 2016, 23:13 (CEST)

Interwiki linksRediger

Hi Couiros,
When you create articles you should also connect the article with articles with the same topic on another wiki (which is called interwiki links). You can do this on either Wikipedia or Wikidata:

On Wikipedia:Rediger

1. Example page
2. Look at "Sprog"
3. Click on "Tilføj links"
4. Fill in the form and click "Link til side"
5. You have done it, and you are ready. Click "Luk dialogboksen og genindlæs siden igen" to continue

On Wikidata:Rediger

First, you should go to the website (d:) and search for the page in English for an example, and then search. Then you should come to a page looking like this:

Then you should look for "Wikipedia" and click on "Edit"
Then this will apear, and you should be able to go down and fill in the two fields "site" (where you should type da) and "page" where you should type the name of the article.

I hope this helped, and you will use it in your future articles. Best of luck, Pyrros (diskussion) 21. jun 2016, 16:43 (CEST).

Just to repeat

Please connect the articles to other language-projects by using i.e. wikidata

Kind regards, Med venlig hilsen, RodeJong   27. jul 2016, 21:41 (CEST)


Hi, you wrote something about it and the brand name Reebok, the sentence however doesn't really make sense, could you provide a source link or just write what exactly you meant in english here, I'd be glad to translate. Best regards Vrenak (diskussion) 25. jun 2016, 10:53 (CEST)

I tried to translate: "the antilope lends its name to the sports brand Reebok."
When the result appeared on google I was 90% confident the translation was correct - but unfortunately it wasn't :-( - so I apologize for the mistake. --Couiros22 (diskussion) 25. jun 2016, 11:37 (CEST) Thanks, yeah danish is a tricky language, I'll go fix the line in the article. :) Vrenak (diskussion) 25. jun 2016, 11:39 (CEST)

Category moveRediger

Hi, I just moved the category Fugle i Grønland to Fugle fra Grønland, you don't have to move the birds individually yourself, a bot will do it at some point today or tomorrow (same applies if i move other of these animal categories, just use the new category, and all will be taken care of. And thanks for all your good work on the animals :). Best regards Vrenak (diskussion) 27. jun 2016, 19:00 (CEST)

Thanks, i didn't know :) --Couiros22 (diskussion) 27. jun 2016, 19:04 (CEST)
Yeah, I figured as much, just use the new categories when i move stuff, and the ones in the old category will be moved, by a bot soon after. -- Vrenak (diskussion) 27. jun 2016, 20:04 (CEST)

I was wondering why many bird categories that were due to be renamed automatically still aren`t yet - therefore cannot be accessed via other categories; why do they have a message that says: "Denne kategoriside skal være tom. Alle artikler skal omkategoriseres under..." Has the automatic renaming process been interupted?

--Couiros22 (diskussion) 4. jul 2016, 10:53 (CEST)

Categories - NamesRediger

Hi Couiros22, please avoid names like "Brazils fugle" and "Perus fugle". Correct names would be "Fugle fra Brasilien" and "Fulge fra Peru". Thus, correct format on dawp is " 'mainsubject' from 'whereever' ". --Pugilist (diskussion) 4. aug 2016, 10:10 (CEST)

Addition: I have just noticed that you corrected "Brazil", so that's fine. I also noticed that another user has endorsed the format " 'somewhere's ' 'mainsubject' ". The last part is a bit surprising, but I'll leave it there then. --Pugilist (diskussion) 4. aug 2016, 10:13 (CEST)

[1] No pb. however, how would you say The Guyanas in Danish? Is the same word ok? regards --Couiros22 (diskussion) 4. aug 2016, 10:21 (CEST)

A good question. I don't think the area has a Danish name - at least I have not been able to find one. So, I'd use "The Guyanas" as you suggest. --Pugilist (diskussion) 4. aug 2016, 10:58 (CEST)
That is also kind of new to me. I have never heard of a name covering the small nations + half of Venezuela in Danish. Best suggestion would be 'Guyanaerne' Do you really use this a geographic unit in English? It looks to me more like a historical-political unit. Couldn't you find another way of solving this, eg. "North of South America"? Or is it really necessary to be so fine-grained? I noticed your change of category on Perutriel from Kategori:Fugle fra Sydamerika to Kategori:Perus fugle, which doesn't cover it's presence in Ecuador too (mentioned in the text) - I think it would be better to cover a too large area tha a too small one. --Arne (Amjaabc) (diskussion) 4. aug 2016, 11:07 (CEST)

- Many the birds in the Guyanas category have a geographical range that corresponds nearly exactly to that area.
- I was thinking of a category that would include all the birds living on South America's western shoreline (west of the Andes) - but what would a suitable name be? --Couiros22 (diskussion) 4. aug 2016, 11:20 (CEST)

I am unfortunately not zoologist, so I don't know which areas they would use. It would probably be best to stick to this kind of authorities. Meanwhile, "Fugle fra Sydamerika" would in my opinion be the best choice, better than inventing artificial ones or long obscure names like "Fugle fra Sydamerika vest for Andes". --Arne (Amjaabc) (diskussion) 4. aug 2016, 13:08 (CEST)

Language adviceRediger

In Danish, "half" as noun is translated into "halvdel", not "halv", which is the translation of the adjective "half". I've noticed (and corrected) this error from you twice today. --Arne (Amjaabc) (diskussion) 5. aug 2016, 22:16 (CEST)

A change regarding scientific namesRediger

Hi, three days ago I started a discussion here about scientific names in articles about plants and animals. I proposed that we should stop calling the names for Latin (example: Fugle) because the names are often not really Latin, only grammatically. So far people have agreed with me. I'm telling you this because you make a lot of new bird pages. Hopefully you are going to continue that but just without the word "latin" (example: Enkeltbekkasin). I don't know if we give a bot the task of removing the code "latin:" and the template {{lang-la}} or maybe we just leave it. You don't have to do anything.--Weblars (diskussion) 26. aug 2016, 14:26 (CEST)

I guess Weblars means "you don't have to do anything to existing articles". Just avoid the reference to Latin in the future. :-) --Arne (Amjaabc) (diskussion) 26. aug 2016, 16:11 (CEST)

A small adviceRediger

Hi Couiros22. I just want to notify you that the section in articles containing external links should have the heading "Eksterne henvisninger", not "Noter". The latter is used for references using {{reflist}}, although I believe, that "Referencer" is the preferred heading instead of "Noter". --Arne (Amjaabc) (diskussion) 22. sep 2017, 11:36 (CEST)